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Cyprus Cycling Holidays

Perfect destination for Cycling Holidays, Nature, Weather, fantastic Cycling Routes.

We organize Cycling holidays in North and South Cyprus, perfect location for Cycling, while you are cycling you will able to meet with Local people, visiting historical places, tasting local food, watching Toros mountains from Kyrenia Mountains, there is lots of reason for Cycling in North Cyprus. We can organize cycling holidays anywhere in Cyprus Cyprus.

You can bring your own bicyles or we can hire for you in North Cyprus, we have Mountain bicyles, Road Bikes, and City Bikes, our Cyclin holidays are tailor made, you we can build any packe as you like, easy packes, Difficult, Full Mounatin Cycling or, Historical Cycling tours. If you want to alone for cycling in North Cyprus or you are staying in North Cyprus and want to hire Bicyle please contact us and we can hire bicycle for you, we can deliver bicycle anywhere you like please call us for bicycle hire 0090 533 848 9000, when we bring bicycle we bring you hat, and security pad also.


Lapta Kyrenia Lapta Route

If you are staying in West of Kyrenia, we suggest you, Lapta to Kyrenia route, takes 33 Km, start from Lapta hotels area throught Alsancak and Karaoglanoglu, arrive to Ozankoy, return and have break at Kyrenia harbour. carry back to Lapta.



Tepebasi - Kormacit - Sadrazam Guzelyali Route,

This is also perfect route, around 33 KM, start from west of Kyrenia Camlibel village, only 10-15 drive to Camlibel, park the car next to Camlibel Petrol station, start cycling from there through Kormacit Village, arrive to Sadrazam Koy, and return back to Kormacit village, have coffee break there, and back to start point, perfect green cycling location.


Besparmak - Karaagac - Alagadi - Catalkoy

This great cycling route, start from Besparmak (Five finger Mountains ) if you are going from Kyrenia, take Kyrenia Catalkoy road, once you arrive to Acapulco turn, turn right to drive to five finger mountains, once you arrive top. you will see besparmak restaurant left side ( right side bufavento castle sign. park your car there ans star cycling from there, its bit difficult to start around % 30 and once you arrive alevakayasi turn left and keep claim, and you will see Karacagac sign, keep cycling, from high to down sea level, you will pass through karaagac village, and meet main road, turn left to alagadi beach, and arrive to Acapulco junction. you will need some one take you up to besparmak restaurant to take the car, this route around 30 km begin with difficult and down from mountains to sea level and flat.



















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