North Cyprus Hotels

All year Cyprus Travel select quality North Cyprus Hotels, and bring to your choose, we work with quality family run hotels, small boutique hotels, and 5 star Hotels, All hotels which we work checked regularly by our experience staff and make sure their standard fit for our client, we don't just book hotel for you, we give you Full Service from minute you book your hotel and tour to north Cyprus.

Kyrenia Hotels


Kyrenia is most popular place for tourist, there most of the Hotels located in Kyrenia area in North Cyprus, Kyrenia Hotels start from West Kyrenia ( Lapta Region to East Kyrenia (Catalkoy) most of Kyrenia Hotels located sea side, and few of them located mountain side. All Kyrenia Hotel rated by North Cyprus Tourism Ministery and they are member of North Cyprus Tourism Ministery. We recommend for walking, cultural, cycling Groups, Hotel sempati, One of the Famous Family Run Hotel which we work Hotel Sempati Located west of Kyrenia, run by Cypriot family and they offer cypriot food, cypriot cooking courses, Hotel is nearby to Lapta Coastal walk and 100 meter meter to small beach, after walk or tour you can relax on the beach or around the pool.

Famagusta Hotels



In Famagusta, We work with Arkin Palm beach, Salamis Bay Conti, Long beach holiday club, and Merit Cyprus gardens, unfortuntely there is not many hotels in Famagusta, ususally our Groups stay in Arkin palm beach hotel, Next to Varosha City, Arkin Palm beach Hotel is Five Star Luxury Place, Perfect beach Front Hotel. Salamis Bay Conti Hotel is North of Famagusta, located in iskele, and Same Long beach holiday club, and Merit Cyprus Gardens, all hotels we work in Famagusta they have Sandy beach.
From Famagusta Hotels to Dipkarpaz takes around 40 minutes, From Famagusta Hotel to Ercan Airport takes 1 hour transfer time.

Karpaz Hotels


In Dipkarpaz we usually stay in Karpaz Arch House,  Small Stone Houses in Village Center, Karpaz Arch House, Traditional Guest House, And also there is other Guest Houses available at the Karpaz, If Karpaz Arch House Fully booked we take our Groups to other Guest House, The guest houses offer village breakfast and we take dinner at Local Restaurant.


This Great places, offer real cypriot village life and cypriot hospitality, all products served at the breakfast, are from Dipkarpaz village, village egg, Village bread, village honey, village jam, village cheese,  Dipkarpaz is one of the Rural place in Cyprus, and we offer our clients to see village life of Cyprus.

All year Cyprus Travel group make sure offers you perfect Holiday including all tours and guides for North Cyprus, We offer holidays for all destinations including Kyrenia, Famagusta, and Dipkarpaz.

You can find the walking holiday programme for North Cyprus with our company, contact us for more details.


We can offer you tailor made Walking, Cooking, Cultural and Historical tours, two Center including Kyrenia and Dipkarpaz stay.

All year Cyprus Travel Group.


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