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Kyrenia ( Girne)

Best Times: December - May.

The northern part of the island falling between the Five Finger Mountain Range and the Mediterranean harbours Kyrenia (Girne), the city that has the biggest tourism potential. Having a width of 2.5 km and length of 150 km alongside the Five Finger Mountain Range, the Kyrenia district has a vital importance especially in terms of tourism, with numerous accommodation facilities and restaurants.

Having a past of 1500 years, Kyrenia is also known as an active commercial center is the ancient times. Its best known spot is its authentic harbour.

Famagusta ( Magosa)

Best Times: All year round

Famagusta, one of the most important historical ports in the Mediterranean has been an eyewitness for the history of Levant with its past dating back to 2500 years of time. Today, the historical port acts as the host of the biggest university in North Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University. The second largest city of Northern Cyprus, having a local population of  40.000 inhabitants with the students, is believed to have been founded in the fifth century BC. The ancient Greek name of the city “Ammochostos” means “the place concealed in the sands” and it defines the general appearance of the city.



Best Times: December - May.

Dipkarpaz is Natural part of Cyprus, located very end of the Island, Many people called "pan handle" There is no more village after Dipkarpaz, Only you can find wild Karpaz Donkeys, and Apostolos Monastery, Untouched beaches, and Nature area, Karpaz perfect for Walking, Swimming, and relax, After Dipkarpaz you can walk to Kap Zafer and return to Dipkarpaz Village and Stay in the village stone houses, Also Dipkarpaz is only united place in Cyprus, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots live Together in Dipkarpaz. There is Small wooden houses for Stay and Also in Dipkarpaz village stone houses perfect for short break.

If you are looking walk around in Nature or Sea side, Dipkarpaz perfect place for it.

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