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Kyrenia - Girne

Kyrenia is one of the Beautiful Harbour City in Northern Cyprus, Famous with Kyrenia Castle, Kyrenia Harbour, and Bellapais Village, If you have been in Cyprus you must Visit Kyrenia, There is Shops, Bars, and Restaurants around Kyrenia harbour offer great atmosphere for everyone, during summer, Harbour has lively atmpsohere, Bellapais village and abbey also another famous place for visiting in North Cyprus, all year round you can visit Bellapais and you will not want to leave the bellapais there are restaurants around the abbey, you can enjoy your wine watching Kyrenia Bird view, and St.Hilarion Castle, another famous attraction in North Cyprus, Top of Kyrenia Mountains, Great Castle waiting to be visited by you, if you go bit further West you will find Lambousa Fish Ponds, bit Further in Karsiyaka Ahlat vadisi and St.Sinai Monastery, and following to Kalkanli Ancient olive Trees, Kyrenia area is perfect for walking, Sightseen, Relax and Enjoy. there are plenty accommodation available in Kyrenia region.  For Kyrenia Hotels and Accommodation please visit our Hotels page

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle located Ancient Kyrenia harbour, This famous building, gives annormous Atmpshphere for Kyrenia, with night and day time, one of the top place for visiting in Cyprus, This Kyrenia Castle, one of the three Castles in Kyrenia region, other one is St.Hilarion, and Kantara Castle.

Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Abbey Loated in Bellapais Village one of the most famous tourist attaction in North Cyprus, with Small Streets, and abbey gives bellapais Great Atmosphere, Superb View from Bellapais village, Once you are there you can take walk around the village and bellapais and Crusader walk, and dont forget to visit Lawrence Durell House of Bitter Lemon.

St.Hilarion Castle

St.Hilarion Castle Located In Kyrenia Mountain Range, one of the three Castles in Kyrenia Region, One of the must visit places in Northern Cyprus. highest point of the Castle 750 M

ShipWreck Museum

Shipwreck Museum Located in Kyrenia Castle,

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